How-to Make a Bikini Cover-up

Oh Man! hahaha I had to repost this! 😀 Rob & Corinne, the Dynamic Duo of show you how to make a DiY Bikini Cover-up. Intro film features Lindsey, Jared & Michelle Corinne, Rob, Jared, Justin & Marissa Permalink: How-to Make a Bikini Cover-up for Summer, Thread Heads

Content / Production Value / Popularity

In the internet video game, there are lots of ways to call attention to yourself, your product or your website. Kfir Pravda writes: “And we didn’t talk about audio and video productions. Yes, you can sit in-front of your webcam and talk. But unless you are extremely attractive, or funny, or interesting, no one will […]

Will Your Show Scale?

I’ve been planning on doing a few different shows for quite a while now. Just about everything is in perfect position… however, before going forward, there’s an important consideration… scaling. My friend Tyme White is always yakking about scaling. “How does it SCALE?” “That’s not going to SCALE!” blah blah blah blah blah…… Unfortunately (fortunately?) […]