CNN Presents “Black In America: Silicon Valley”

CNN aired “Black In America: Silicon Valley” last night. It was actually more interesting than I thought it would be. I would have done the show differently, but I’m me and CNN’s producers aren’t.

Disclosure: I’ll watch *ANYTHING* with Angela Benton in it! >:P~~~

314 Reelsolid.TV s03 ep032 – The Hand That Feeds

"Rock Band" team performing "The Hand That Feeds" at the Tumblr party celebrating Brett PeterselGuitar: Arthur BouieGuitar:

313 Reelsolid.TV s03 ep031 – More Than A Feeling

Justin Johnson fronts a “Rock Band” team performing “More Than A Feeling” at the Next New Networks / Tumblr party celebrating NY Internet Week. Guitar: Lee Rubenstein Drums: Dan Meth