Justin Johnson’s “Holiday Sweater” Song

Title: “The Holiday Sweater Song” Directed/Written/Edited by Justin Johnson Music: Steve Nelson Vocals: Patty DeArteaga & Justin Johnson Lyrics: Justin Johnson and Steve Nelson Vimeo Permalink: [link] YouTube Permalink: [link] The Holiday Sweater Song from justin on Vimeo. What says HOLIDAY COMFORT AND FUN more than a festive sweater, adorned with all manner of snowmen, […]

Dave’s Tumblr in Time/CNN Top 50 Best Websites, 2007

Way to go, Dave! 😀 http://www.time.com/time/specials/2007/article/0,28804,1633488_1633608_1633638,00.html “… It’s Tumblr to the rescue: this service helps you feel good about your blog, even when you have nothing much to say. A “tumblelog,” as the company home page notes, is more like a scrapbook than a journal; images and text are displayed rather large to help pump […]