1st Vlog Global FlashMeeting

On October 18th, 2008 @ 12 pm EST, I was very happy to participate in the first Vlog Global FlashMeeting.

Vlog Europe Global Flashmeeting

A FlashMeeting is basically a program that allows you to line up, one at a time, and say what you want, while everyone else involved can see you via your webcam. It’s pretty ancient, but it’s also pretty universal and reliable. You can see the archive by clicking here. I chimed in at 1 hour, 53 minutes into the program. 🙂

I mainly showed up to WATCH, since it was a gathering of a lot of people that I’ve learned stuff from and had conversations with about this internet video thing that we do.

Somehow, three hours went by REALLY QUICKLY! 😀

Cheers to the participants and the organizers!

Find out more about Vlog Europe at www.vlogeurope.com/blog.