Hire an Executive Producer (EP)

If you’re going to make television shows, or at this point, shows for the web… SOMEBODY on your team needs to KNOW. HOW. TO. MAKE. TELEVISION. SHOWS!!! :/ If you cut this corner, your productions will look like trash, and deservedly so. Now you can’t say no one ever told you. I was minding my […]

Content / Production Value / Popularity

In the internet video game, there are lots of ways to call attention to yourself, your product or your website. Kfir Pravda writes: “And we didn’t talk about audio and video productions. Yes, you can sit in-front of your webcam and talk. But unless you are extremely attractive, or funny, or interesting, no one will […]

Are You A Tech Elitist?

Are *you* a Tech Elitist? If so, how’s that workin’ for ya? As it’s now Christmas, and we think of The Grinch sitting high on the hill, looking down on all the little people of the village with contempt… Let’s consider our own positions in our respective fields and how we’ve chosen social media sites […]

Viral on Veoh: Guru – Creating Quality Productions

Online Videos by Veoh.com This is a cool video from Veoh’s channel/series “Viral”. Sunny Gault hosts. Featured Guru = Bry Sanders, Director of Photography on the set of Hayden Black’s “Good Night Burbank“.

EMS Episode 97: dorkbot-nyc April 04 2007

Click here for Quicktime Version & Embed Codes Clips from the Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 dorkbot-nyc meeting at Location One in SoHo. Gabe McNatt: “Wind-Composition” is a software program created in MAX-MSP that allows the user to adjust the volume and pan of nine different sound-layers. Caitlin Berrigan: Viral Confections “Viral Confections” are edible chocolates […]