ReelSolid.TV 1-Year Anniversary

(Lafayette Hotel) Neo: Whoa, deja vu. Trinity: What did you just say? Neo: Nothing, I just had a little deja vu. Trinity: What did you see? Cypher: What happened? Neo: A black cat went past us, and then another that looked just like it. Trinity: How much like it, was it the same cat? Neo: […]

ReelSolidTV Episode 49: Vlog Deathmatch Official Entry

Click To Play Click here for Flash version & embed codes Click here to VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 😀 Bill Cammack & Action Girl present their Official Entry for the Vlog Deathmatch Music Video Challenge. You can vote for Bill & Action Girl between May 14th and May 21st @!!! 😀 Edit & […]

Join The Vlog Deathmatch!

The Vlog Deathmatch Music Video Challenge ( ) is going on right now. Deadline for entries is May 14th. After that, site visitors will have a week to vote for their favorite music video, and YOU could be crowned “Vlog Deathmatch Music Video Champion”! 😀 Of course… that and however much it costs for […]

ReelSolidTV Episode 48: Vlog Deathmatch Promo

Bill Cammack‘s promo for the 2007 Vlog Deathmatch Music Video Challenge. Clips from: (in order of appearance)Steve Woolf – smashface.comCasey McKinnon – galacticast.comBill Cammack – billcammack.comEric Rey – ericrey.netRick Rey – rickrey.comDany Gehshan – galacticast.comVeronica Belmont – veronicabelmont.comBonny & The Bui Brothers – noodlescar.comZadi Diaz –

ReelSolidTV Episode 47: Vlog Deathmatch

Click here for Quicktime Version & Embed Codes Music Video Challenge: Official Rules The battle lines have been drawn in the vlogosphere. Use your vlog skills to make the ultimate music video the only way that matters — by videoblogging. Music: Anything GoesEditing: Anything GoesParticipants: Anything GoesProps: Anything GoesLocations: Try to showcase your normal videoblog […]