Keep. Your. Legs. Closed.

You have *GOT* to see this video, JUST so you can listen to and watch Andrea Mitchell after this dude tells her this joke! πŸ˜€

In case you don’t want to watch it yourself, this is what he said! πŸ˜€

You have *GOT* to see this video, JUST so you can listen to and watch Andrea Mitchell after this dude tells her this joke! πŸ˜€

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In case you don’t want to watch it yourself, this is what he said! πŸ˜€ Continue reading “Keep. Your. Legs. Closed.”

Sex By Mistake?

Bill Cammack / Weapons of Ass DistractionLadies. Please wake up. There is no such thing as a guy having sex by mistake. Period. No chance, no way, no how. None.

I was having this conversation about “the truth” with a friend the other day, and the scenario came up of a guy being in a relationship with one chick and then having sex with a different chick and returning to his so-called “girlfriend” and telling her “the truth”.

Unfortunately, πŸ™‚ My friend’s version of a guy telling “the truth” included “blah blah blah blah and I made a mistake and blah blah blah”. Sorry. That doesn’t exist.

Free Will

What had happened was….. He did what he wanted to do AT. THAT. TIME., and now he feels sorry about it.

Maybe he feels sorry because he went back on his word, which has nothing to do with his girl and everything to do with who he thinks he is as a person and what he believes (believED) his overall character is (was).

Maybe he feels sorry because he didn’t think he was the type of guy to cheat, and he found out “the hard way” that he was (is).

Maybe he feels sorry that he can’t look his girl in the eye and continue the lie that he’s only having sex with her. Continue reading “Sex By Mistake?”

The only way out is ‘through’.

I woke up @ 5 am this morning and I really intended to write about a conversation I had with a new friend I made last night. She questioned WHY I get to write the Women’s Guide to NYC Dating and she tried to low-rate me when I replied “No” to her question “Are you in a relationship?”. I realize this morning, that I should actually have said “Yes. Several”, and that will be my response, going forward. I have LOTS of girlfriends, but since I don’t pride myself on choosing ONE, because I don’t HAVE TO, I don’t fall under the traditional category of “being in a relationship”.

I’m a renter, not a buyer. I’m not interested in hanging out with the same chick every day or doing the same thing every day. Everything I do is on the fly. I meet chicks every time I go outside. It’s a daily operation. I’m polyamorous. I’m not in love with ONE chick. I’m in love with several. Simultaneously. I’m extremely blessed that I get to spend so much time with so many women whose company I REALLY enjoy! πŸ˜€

However, I’m currently disinterested in qualifying why I know what I know about women. I’d rather talk about a conversation that I had ABOUT that conversation that I just mentioned. To paraphrase, I was asked “How come you’re so hard on chicks?”.

I’m hard on chicks because chicks need to be harder on THEMSELVES. WAKE. UP! I don’t write this stuff for no reason. I write it becase EVERY. SINGLE. DAY I have the SAME conversations with women over and over and over and they just don’t get it. They take the same shorts every day. They get cheated on the same ways every day. They don’t understand why guys catcall or that alcohol isn’t an excuse for cheating or abusive behavior. They keep letting guys do pull-out method on them, thinking they’re not going to get pregnant. They keep wondering how to tell if a guy has a girlfriend or not. They keep acting like they’re hot properties in a town where there are reportedly 210,820 more single women than men!

I’m sorry. πŸ˜€ SOMEBODY’S got to be the voice of reason. You don’t think that’s me? Write YOUR OWN blog and let’s hear YOUR take on the dating/relationships scene. You don’t think I’m qualified to write the women’s guide to whatever? YOU write it and send me the link. I’ll read it! πŸ˜€

Every close girlfriend of mine knows that if she tells me some BULLSHIT I’m gonna jump up and down on her logic to see if it stands up. They also know that I do it because I CARE and I want them to be better human beings. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to help them see reality.

The fact of the matter is… The only way out.. is through. If you can’t see the possibilities, you can’t fully understand the playing field. It’s like trying to defend against a wide receiver and he jukes right, breaks left, puts his hand up in the air and physically DISAPPEARS! How are you supposed to defend against that? The problem is that he didn’t disappear. He stepped into a blind spot in YOUR understanding. The quarterback could still see him clearly, threw him the ball and he scored. So then, you sit around with your girls who have the exact same blind spots and commiserate about what happened to your relationship. None of them can tell you what happened, because they don’t understand the game.

Unfortunately, when you try to EXPLAIN the game, a lot of women get upset! hahaha That’s fine by me as long as they learn something and expand their minds. They don’t have to like ME, because I’m not going to date them anyway! πŸ˜€ As long as they learn something that helps them deal better the next time something happens that they don’t understand, I’ve done my part for females around the world.

IMO, it doesn’t help women to patronize them and tell them to cut all their hair off or buy a new dress and try again in the morning. It doesn’t help women to tell them “Don’t bother working out and getting in shape! We’re going to sell maternity dresses to ALL OF Y’ALL so you don’t have to worry about Muffin-Tops”. What if guys started doing that? What if guys started wearing pants where their beltline was right under their chests? Women would SCREAM. BLOODY. MURDER because everybody’d be walking around looking like Pee Wee Herman. So, Yeah… The Kid’s gonna suggest that you put down the maternity dresses and start buying clothes that fit YOUR physique and look good on YOU, not on the mannequin. If you don’t want your man to dress you, learn how to dress yourself instead of falling off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings and doing what you’re told.

So feel free to get mad at me and scoff at me and turn your noses up and claim I don’t know what I’m talking about. The only reason I even bother TALKING to you is because I love you.


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