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Splitting Feeds

My fellow MIT alum, Liz Burr doesn’t care about my pictures. 🙁 She doesn’t care if The Kid drinks a bunch of alcohol and hangs out with a bunch of chicks. 🙁 (L to R) Oz Sultan, Florence Holdeman, Bill Cammack, James Im, Michelle DeForest & Whitney Hess @ TechSet NYC Photo by Brett Petersel […]

Personal Branding?

“Personal Branding” has been hotly debated recently in my circles. “Do I have a personal brand?” “Does personal branding exist?” “Am I a brand or a person?” Part of the reason this is discussed so often is that people tend to define a personal brand in terms that don’t mean anything. By using terms for […]

Alana, Jill, Chrissie, Florence, Bill, Michelle & Whitney

Alana, Jill, Chrissie, Florence, Bill, Michelle & Whitney, originally uploaded by Bill Cammack. Alana Taylor, Jill Hanner, Chrissie Brodigan, Florence Holdeman, Bill Cammack, Michelle DeForest & Whitney Hess