Sour Wingmen

Don’t cry about it when your boy gets to hook up with a chick you wanted.
If you feel sad about it, you should just leave, instead of sabotaging your friend’s action.

So I’m watching this “reality” show, and some guys that are friends and housemates decide they’re going to go to a bar and meet some chicks.

When they get there, one of them gets a rap to a gal that, apparently, one of the other housemates there liked.

I don’t know if there was any history between her and the other guy, because this was the first episode I was seeing of the show.

So, in the confessionals (the side-interviews they do with the cast members when nobody else is around them), the extra dude is talking all kinds of trash about the guy who the girl was talking to, although, when he was there at the bar, this guy only had nice things to say about his housemate.

Off the bat, I found this to be strange. You either like people or you don’t. You either want them to get laid or you don’t. You’re happy for them to have a chance, or you aren’t. Continue reading “Sour Wingmen”