Serial Monogamy

I’m not impressed with Serial Monogamy. Call it what it is. You’re messing with someone, and then you’re not. It’s interesting how some people pride themselves on only hooking up with people they’re in a relationship with… but then… getting into or out of a relationship with them is basically instantaneous. Sure… EVERY relationship ends […]

Truth vs. Relationships

Reader Lisa writes: Lisa: “I use the number as a guide to tell the odds if he is clean or not. I would love to know how many woman a man is messing with CURRENTLY but guys will lie about that. Any tips on how to get a man to tell the truth about how […]

What women don’t know…

Reader SlightlyScared writes: SlightlyScared: “I recently met a woman online through Twitter that I think might be a worthy woman for me to hang my long-time bachelor status for. We’ve been talking via instant messenger and she seems read and incredible. There are pictures of her online, she seems to be open about herself, has […]